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Film Forum: PUSH Documentary

November 27 OF 2019 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

New session of our most anticipated cycle of reflection and debate. We return with a topical issue: access to housing in large cities.

The movie Push, the documentary that portrays the struggle for decent housing from Barcelona to Seoul, will be screened.

Who will live in cities? Who are cities for? Why can so many people no longer live in cities? Who is responsible for this? Why is affordable housing one of the biggest problems around the globe? Is this trend really irreversible or can it be remedied? What does this problem really mean for the future of society? 

The drama of house hunting and house maintenance in big cities around the globe, gentrification and much more in this interesting, award-winning documentary by the Swedish director Frederik Gertten
1.    Documentary about the REAL impact of gentrification and even something far bigger… 
2.    Discussion with guests Ignasi Marti Lanuza, professor in the department of social science and director of the Institute of Social Innovation, and Alfred Vernis, professor in the department of strategy and general management and expert in social innovation. 

See you there!