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First ESADE Alumni Annual Conference in Andorra

Jornada anual | Spanish

For the first time in the history of its club, Andorra is holding an annual conference and we would like our entire alumni community to come along to this event on Friday, 14 February!

We will be organising a full-day conference to enable as many people as possible to sign up depending on the times and subjects of most interest. There will therefore be two talks:


“The future of international taxation” - Montserrat Trapé (head partner at KPMG in Catalonia):

Taxation has changed considerably in recent years. Reputation impact, the responsibility that society attaches to boards of directors in this field, means that taxation is not merely an in-house issue but a priority on the agendas of corporate heads. An awareness of the goals, future challenges and the possible impact of new economic models on taxation is a must in this new scenario. From an eminently practical viewpoint, the main changes and projects arising from new taxation regimes will be compared and analysed.


"Business changes in the coming decade: reinventing traditional business models" - Carles Torrecilla (Executive Development Corporate Development Director):

Although innovation never stops, at certain times in history reinvention must be fast to avoid being left behind. This is one of those moments. It is essential to know who is being left behind and which way new business models are moving in order to decide how you must change yours.

This session will discuss the when, who, how and why high-growth companies are changing their portfolio, services, products, payment methods and customer relations, and something even better – but you’ll have to come along to find out what.

Accompanying us during the conference will be Jordi Gallardo, cabinet minister of economics and business in Andorra. 



11.00 h    Presentation of the 1st ESADE Alumni Andorra Annual Conference

11.00-12.30 h    First talk - The future of international taxation

12.30-13.30 h    Discussion panel and Q&A

     Montserrat Trapé, Partner responsible for KPMG in Catalonia
     José María Alfín, Partner of Cases & Lacambra
     David Bescós, Wealth Planning Director at Crèdit Andorrà
     Albert Hinojosa, Tribute chief of the Government Andorrà

13.30-15.00 h    Lunch break

15.00-16.30 h    Second talk - Business changes in the coming decade

16.30-17.30 h    Discussion panel + Q&A

     Josep Vilana, Business Commercial Director - B2B Manager at Andorra Telecom (Moderator)
     Carles Torrecilla, Corporate Development Director of Executive Education
     Josep Marticella, Director of the Pal Arinsal Station
     Sònia Yebra, Director of the Association Eix Comercial Center Meritxell-Carlemany
     Judit Hidalgo, Director at Invest Andorra
     Gerard Fonolleda, Personal Banking Director, Banc Sabadell de Andorra

17.30 h    End of the conference

     Iñaki Ocaña, People, Talent & Global Relations Director at Esade Alumni
     Jordi Gallardo, Minister of the Presidency, economy and business in Andorra


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