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In the same way that companies need to anticipate and work to adapt quickly to the changes that the competitive environment is experiencing, the professionals of the 21st century We need to know the emerging trends in the labor market and understand which are the keys to reinvent ourselves and evolve professionally in a complex and uncertain as the one that we have lived, where the only security in employment with which we can tell is what our employability provides us with. ESADE Alumni Careers invites you to this flash session, in which we will review the main trends in the labor market, particularly from the demand side, we will explore the concept of employability and the variables on which this quality depends, and we will pose some ideas and concrete things that we can do to cultivate our own employability and succeed in a future of work that in many cases is already present. Santi García Founder of Future for Work Institute and director of iOpener Institute for People and Performance for the Iberian Peninsula. With 15 years of experience in different roles within of the Human Resources area to which he adds 10 years of experience in consulting in the field of people management in organizations. Visiting professor at universities and business schools. Author of the book & quot; The art of directing people today & quot; and coauthor of & quot; The decline of employment & quot; Bachelor of Laws, MBA by IESE, and doctorate course in Organization Industrial at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. For more information:

Language: Spanish

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