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Generations: Different values ​​and expectations

Sesión Flash | Spanish

November 26 OF 2019 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Leadership and inclusion are an integral part of companies’ HR strategies today. Many are aware of the corporate advantages of having diverse workplaces and staff.

Diversity and inclusion are not only about visible diversity (gender, age and race). Above all they are about the diversity of outlook, approach and personality – which is also where inter-generational differences appear.

The wisdom and experience of the baby boomer generation and generation X, and the innovation and adaptation skills of the millennial generation, are characteristics which, when integrated well, can produce successful teams.

It is easier to make these three generations motivated and committed than it would seem at first sight, providing everyone accepts the necessary shift in outlook.

ESADE Alumni Careers is pleased to invite you to this hands-on workshop. Your chance to learn about the mindset of each of these generations. You will learn about new ways of working together and how they can create a more inclusive and productive environment.


Workshop by

Elena Font 

Coach and speaker in leadership skills, and social and emotional intelligence. Business & Life Coach (Global NLP Training Institute) and Licensed Trainer in PNL (The Society of Richard Bandler). Expert in emotional intelligence and certified practitioner in non-verbal language (school of Paul Ekman, London).

José Manuel Calvo Cobo

Psychologist specialised in corporate neuroscience and learning technology, with more than 15 years’ experience in talent development. Master in Neuromanagement (URJC) and International Certificate in Coaching (IEC). Director and partner at CoachMinds, strategic consultancy in global talent management and digital transformation and guest lecturer on different master courses and author of the book Mindfulness: el arte de controlar tu mente.

Alejandro Moreno Font 

Social educator, synergologist and coach in social and emotional intelligence, neurolinguistic programming (PNL) and body language analysis. 


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