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Gestión y comunicación en situaciones de crisis


The ESADE Alumni Valencia Club is pleased to invite you to “Management and communication in times of crisis” in Alicante

The first part of the sessión will be led by the Verne Group with Lucas Serrano and Toni Martinez. The importance of being ready for a crisis: management, map of risks and a practical example of technological risks.

The second part of the session will be led by Antonio Bolaños. Case study of the Volvo Ocean Race with the lessons learned about preparedness and communication in times of crisis during the regattas held to date. Antonio will examine crisis management from the operations viewpoint, the impact on reputation and the importance of being prepared, whilst pinpointing the main risks in existence. He will present a real-life case study of how to prepare for a crisis and how to deal with it in terms of operations and communications: the Volvo Ocean Race in recent years.




Antonio Bolaños

Former managing director of the Volvo Ocean Race Nine years in the management committee and management of the Volvo Ocean Race, a very high-profile international sporting event with a great financial impact based in Alicante. Previously, he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers for eight years on external auditing projects, and five years in multinationals in Spain and the USA in financial and strategic posts. Antonio is currently a coach and consultant in companies specialised in specific consultancy and corporate training programmes in a combination of sport, events, leadership, human resources, finance and marketing.


Lucas Serrano

Head of communication. Verne Technology Group Executive with more than 18 years’ experience in corporate communication at multinationals such as Renault, KPMG and the Verne Group, where he is currently the director of communication. Lucas has led major corporate communication projects in keeping with key landmarks in these companies including rolling out strategic plans, reputation enhancement, change processes, creation of collaborative innovation systems and crisis communication.

His experience and knowledge of in-house communication have also equipped him to work in this field with a comprehensive, strategic outlook, creating spaces for discussion between the company and its executives.



Toni Martinez

Has spent the last 12 years guiding countless companies through their digital change processes by ensuring a perfect match between their strategy and technology.

At present, he is the head of the ICT business unit at the Verne Technology Group where he provides customers with a well-rounded portfolio of communication and cyber security solutions.

His experience in a variety of positions has given him a very global outlook of technology and its value contribution to all sorts of customers, regardless of their realm of business. In addition to this, he enjoys being a coach and speaker wherever technology is the subject matter.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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