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Graduation dinner EMBA M 2019

Encuentros de promoción | English

We are delighted to invite you to the Monthly EMBA 2017 Graduation dinner,  organised by your delegates Pilar Aleu and Michael Kroh together with ESADE Alumni.

The venue chosen for this special occasion is Mirabé Restaurant where you can enjoy a delightful dinner with exceptional views of the Barcelona skyline.

Remember: ESADE Alumni members are entitled to a 30€ subsidy towards the cost of the graduation dinner.

To register, please follow the steps below:

1. To join ESADE Alumni, click Here. (You will receive a welcome email, after that, you can sign up for the graduation dinner as a member. Anyone paying by Paypal must first accept the terms and conditions sent to the alumni email or forward email.)

2. Once you receive the welcome email from ESADE Alumni, you can sign up for the graduation dinner as a member in the link below: REGISTRATION
You can check the menu here.

Price: 85€  (55€ dinner + 30€ three hours open bar)