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Greater effectiveness and productivity in the legal profession

Sesión Flash | Spanish

In today’s ever changing world, both corporate lawyers and those in law firms need to learn ways of being more organised and effective in their many responsibilities.

ESADE Alumni Careers
is pleased to invite you to a new flash session for members of the legal profession only: your chance to learn about the FASE method (focus, attention, systemisation and energy) directly from its creator, an expert in productivity. This method enables more control, less stress and better results, and already has a proven track record in the legal profession.

This method based on self-leadership enables lawyers to be more effective and is a great help in achieving a work-life balance and personal happiness.


Agustín Peralt (MBA 96)

Consultant specialised in projects with directors and executives in the fields of management productivity and self-leadership.

After 15 years’ management experience Agustín reinvented himself in management mentoring and training. He created the FASE method to enhance the productivity of executives. Last October he launched his first book LIDERATE: + control, - stress, + resultados which shares the secrets of this method.

Agustín is currently in charge of a wide range of personal productivity projects including projects for in-house lawyers and lawyers in law firms. Formerly a visiting professor at HvA (Amsterdam University) for 4 years and now a visiting professor at ESADE Law School and a collaborator in ESADE Alumni.