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'How is the EU Digital Agenda changing copyright and audiovisual media services?' with Giuseppe Mazziotti

Programa de continuidad | English

November 21 OF 2017 from 08:30 AM to 10:00 AM


Dr Giuseppe Mazziotti
is a legal advisor and academic specialised in intellectual property law, media law, antitrust law and IT law. He has been an associate professor of intellectual property law at Trinity College, Dublin since October 2014, and from 2009 to 2011, he held the same position at the University of Copenhagen, where he was also head of research projects funded by the EU commission on media policy and legal aspects of public sector information. He is currently an associate member of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels.

The Law Refresher Programme “The impact of the EU digital agenda on copyright and audiovisual media services” given by the expert and ESADE visiting professor, examined the aims of the single digital market in Europe.

Internet and digital technologies are transforming the world including all spheres of life and all types of business, hence Europe’s acute awareness that it must assimilate the digital revolution and provide digital opportunities for individuals and businesses.

The single digital market strategy includes a series of specific actions that are still under way. This process, which will take effect in the coming decade, is based on three cornerstones:

1) enhancing consumer and business access to digital goods and services throughout Europe
2) creating the right conditions and guaranteeing equal conditions so that innovative services and digital networks can prosper
3) maximizing the growth potential of the digital economy.

These three cornerstones focus on consumer protection, pluralism and fair competition as the basis of European policy. Whilst it is true that within the EU friction does arise between the states and that the media are regulated at the national level, the European institutions are drafting measures for their member states.

Back in 2015, the European Commission confirmed its intention to gradually remove the main obstacles to the smooth running of the single digital market for protected works. The first phase of this long-term plan was announced by president Juncker as a proposed regulation intended to ensure the portability of online services. The aim was to enable consumers with legal access to online services in their country of residence to use the same services in a different EU member state. But it goes much further: the single digital market is a sector of the single European market that is expected to embrace e-marketing, e-commerce and telecommunications.

Today’s online obstacles mean a loss of goods and services for citizens. That is why the Commission is working on various measures, such as consumer protection regulations, more efficient and affordable parcel services, an end to unjustifiable geographic restrictions, the identification of possible competition issues, the modernisation and Europeanisation of copyright legislation and a review of the satellite broadcasting directive in order to enhance cross-border access to radio and television services in Europe.

ESADE Alumni invites you to another interesting talk in the Refresher Programme series entitled ''How is the EU Digital Agenda changing copyright and audiovisual media services?'', by Giuseppe Mazziotti, Visiting Professor in ESADE’s Law School

What should we expect from the development of a ''Digital Single Market''? What are the goals the European Union is pursuing with regard to cross-border access to knowledge, culture and entertainment? How is EU law extending the traditional obligations of TV broadcasters to web-based on-demand services such as Netflix? What consequences could these reforms have on social networks and user-generated content platforms? These are some of the questions Dr. Giuseppe Mazziotti (Trinity College Dublin) will address in his talk on the present and future of content and media regulations in Europe. 



Giuseppe Mazziotti

Dr. Giuseppe Mazziotti is Assistant Professor in intellectual property law at the Trinity College Dublin. He is Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges and Associate Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels. Dr. Mazziotti is also an Italian legal advisor specializing in intellectual property, media law, antitrust and information technology law. He is currently visiting ESADE Law School