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The ESADE Alumni Career Services invites you to a new flash session where we will identify the networks that are relevant to each participant and teach techniques for generating nodes of value.

This networking session will help participants put their personal brand into action and to promote opportunities to create alliances, find employment, connect with agents of value, and obtain information that is useful and relevant to the participants’ professional development.

We will send participants a pre-session expectations survey to ascertain their specific networking interests. Arancha Ruiz

Renowned expert on personal branding in Spain. She writes on the blog, makes regular media appearances (TV, radio, newspapers and magazines) and is active on social media under the alias @alterarancha. She frequently gives lectures and talks at business schools and other forums. Since 2009, she has managed her own company, Headhunter & Talentist, specialised in talent and personal branding. Schedule:from 7 pm to 9 pm

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Language: Spanish

Event resouces. For members only!