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How to work better to become happier, by Anselm Divi


The Chapter ESADE Alumni Andorra is pleased to invite you to its next Anselm Divi talk Thursday, May 23 at 7:00 p.m. "Working better can make you happier"

Happiness at work is a state of physical and emotional well-being in which positive relationships forged in the workplace strengthen a person's positive emotions. In a meaningful context, if you like your work and know how to do it, the work can be fun and enriching when your achievements are recognized and you can develop your personal and professional potential. Sometimes it is impossible to create an unattainable imaginary framework for what you would like your work to be, but it is important to have a series of recommendations or guidelines to help you see what it is. It could be improved by analyzing its impact on your team. During this talk, we will review the seven Stephen Covey habits of very efficient people and some self-help methods to improve their time and emotion management in a sensitive and positive way.

Anselm Divi
Law degree, MBA (ESADE), HR consultant, headhunter, ESADE professor and UPC. Responsible for HR in several companies, including Cr & egrave; dit Andorr & agrave ;, Laboratoris Almirall, Sanofi and Pirelli Pneum & agrave; tics.

At the end of the act we will serve a networking cocktail.

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