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Human managers vs Artificial intelligence


The ESADE Alumni Valencia Club is pleased to invite you to their forthcoming talk, 'Human managers vs artificial intelligence' by Javier Fidalgo, on Thursday March 21st at 19:00 in Alicante.

How much of an executive’s work 'is at risk' of automisation?

What management skills should humans develop?

How can you make yourself indispensible, without any competition from robots? (at least between now and the medium term)

Ten years ago, Warren Buffet bet that an investment fund managed by a robot would achieve better results much cheaper in the medium term than a fund managed by humans. He won.

In 2016, the World Bank reckoned that two thirds of the jobs in developed countries could be automised.
How much longer will human skills be needed to translate languages, analyse finance or choose the best executive to be recruited?

See you there!

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