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The importance of social media management in companies, by Javier Castro (MBA 05)


The ESADE Alumni Bogotá Chapter invites you to ''The importance of social media management in companies'', a talk by Javier Castro (MBA 05), Director of Adsmurai Colombia.

Brands in all industries are investing more and more human and financial resources in the management of digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

This obliges all companies to keep pace and, above all, to make effective use of digital marketing and advertising possibilities.

This talk will address the following:

• Why it is important to combine content and advertising.
• How to transform social media likes into customers.
• From social media to marketing platforms.
• Facebook vs Google, two giants that account for 90% of investment.
• How to boost campaign automation
• As a brand, what do I need to ensure a return on digital investment?

A networking cocktail will be served after the talk.

Don’t miss this talk! A chance to keep abreast of the latest developments and boost your professional networking.

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