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Improve your communication and conflict resolution skills with self-knowledge

Workshop | Spanish

May 16 OF 2019 from 06:30 PM to 09:30 PM

In this workshop organised by Club Andalucía Oriental, participants will use the results of their personal Target Disc as a basis for improving their communication skills and hence their ability to settle conflicts.
Participants will learn about how people:

•    Respond to problems, challenges and threats
•    Respond to rules and regulations
•    Interact with other people
•    Respond to change and future developments

By gaining a dynamic and lively insight into the results of their personal Target Disc report, participants will learn how to add value to their company and personal and work settings, and in particular how to:

•    Manage conflicts with teams and people in their surroundings better.
•    Communicate more effectively and collaboratively by applying guidelines that help deal with each individual according to each pattern of behaviour.
•    Pinpoint skills and areas with room for improvement.
•    Understand the group’s behaviour with a view to building effective, motivated and more productive teams by pinpointing each pattern with a view to improving negotiations.

The link to the questionnaire will be provided after registration and the results will be given out during the workshop.

Núria Comerma (MDOS 03)
Industrial engineer (UPC) and master in operations (ESADE). Coach and master in PNL (AEPNL). Mediation and conflict management (UB).
With more than 15 years’ experience in managerial positions in the realms of operations, process optimization, supply chain, production and quality in business, her passion for interpersonal relationships and processes led her to establish the operations and HR consultancy Talent, using methods to improve organizations and in-house corporate relationships. She has provided coaching in different areas for industrial and service companies.
At present, she also runs career change projects for groups dealing with changes in their career or personal life and provides training in different companies, universities and business schools designed to enhance communication skills and competences.

See you there!

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