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The jobs of the future. Are you ready?


March 20 OF 2019 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Institute of Social Innovation, Institute of Labour Studies and ESADE ALUMNI Social Ventures
are pleased to announce:

The jobs of the future. Are you ready?

It is essential to think forward and get ready for future changes. This is the underlying reason for this talk about the impact of AI, robotics and digitisation on society and business. As these technologies are adopted, we will understand their impact better and realise that the only way to create wealth and benefits for many different people and ourselves is by working together to re-invent our companies and society in general.

Guest speakers

María Luz Rodríguez
, Professor of Labour and Social Security Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha and head researcher of the DigitalWork research group. Expert in matters related to digital work and the future of work. Her most recent publications include the report: Digital economy: its impact on jobs and working conditions. Case studies of two technology companies” by the Foundation for Social Dialogue.

 “We are obviously at a time of transition towards the digital economy and society and this will impact the development of labour relations and employment. It is essential to forge close links between HR managers in companies and other social actors and experts in the issues at stake if we are to create appropriate solutions to enable society to deal with the challenges posed by this new economic and employment era”

Santiago García García. Expert in organsational development and HR management. Co-founder of the Future for Work Institute, director of the iOpener Institute for People and Performance on the Iberian Peninsula, founder of Jakobsland Partners, author of the book El arte de dirigir personas hoy (2016) and advisor to several organisations:

“Automation in general (not just robotics) will radically change the content of many jobs or make them disappear. This will put the adaptability of many people to the test and undoubtedly cause stress and tension in society that we must deal with.”

Presented and chaired by
Ignasi Martí Lanuza, professor in the Department of Social Sciences and director of the Institute for Social Innovation. Visiting lecturer at ESADE since 2016, prior to which he was a professor and head of the Department of Strategy and Organisation at EMLYON Business School (France), where he was also head of the OCE Research Center. Ignasi has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Economics (Universitat de Barcelona) and obtained his PhD at IESE Business School and his Habilitation à la Direction des Recherches at Université Paris-Dauphine. Visiting researcher at the Saïd Business School (University of Oxford). 

“We fully realise that our aims call for team work with different agents because the major social and environmental issues are complex and a single agent working alone is unlikely to be able to understand them, let alone solve them.”

After the session we will offer a
cocktail dinner