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The keys to the an investor and entrepreneur relationship


ESADE Alumni Entrepreneurship invites you to a session in which you will talk about the relationship keys between a business angel and an entrepreneur. The protagonists will be Luis Bonell, economist and investor of ESADE BAN, and Ignacio Suárez, CEO of Roomonitor. The format of the session will be an interview and moderated by Oscar Vayreda, collaborator of ESADE Alumni. The event will take place next Monday, October 18 at 7:00pm at ESADE Barcelona (Av. Pedralbes 60-62).

The objective of the talk is to reflect what are the relevant aspects in the relationship between an entrepreneur and his investors; the negotiation process; what are the criteria of investors to choose their investments; what is the involvement of the investor with the startup; how the entrepreneur manages a group of business angels; how to find the right investors, etc.

Attendees can also ask their questions.


Luis Bonell

Economist. He has developed almost his entire career working for American multinationals. After being CEO of the Liberty group in Spain, he took the responsibility of the group in Europe and finally ended up in the Liberty Mutual Executive Team in Boston leading the International Division that included more than 20 subsidiaries on three continents. He has been in Barcelona for three years and as Business Angel he has developed a portfolio of 20 startups. It also collaborates with Foundations and Impact Investment.

Ignacio Suárez

Industrial Engineer. After finishing the degree, he worked as an engineer in the energy sector. Then he set up his first company of tourist apartments. Since then, the company has been growing and now has several lines of accommodation between tourist apartments, hotels and hostels in Spain. From the beginning, Ignacio has developed several technological solutions for his accommodation. He is currently CEO of Roomonitor.

Òscar Vayreda

Òscar currently focuses on two main areas: helping entrepreneurs and investors achieve successful start-ups and helping companies seize the opportunities of digital transformation.

He started out as an entrepreneur in 1996 as the CTO and co-founder of an e-learning start-up. In 2008, he co-founded Digital Seed, where he was the CEO until it was bought out by another company in October 2012.

He has worked in multinational companies (IBM) and SMEs (GECSA), and also as a self-employed consultant in a broad spectrum of industries including consulting (IBM), technology (Lotus Development), communication and advertising (Abilbo), management knowledge (GECSA), marketing (Digital Seed) and e-learning (Retelcom). He has taught on several masters (UPC and IQS) and university degrees (URL), and also in private educational establishments.