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Lunch talk with Carlos Saavedra, chairman of the Trison business group


The ESADE Alumni Galicia Club is holding a lunch talk with Carlos Saavedra, chairman of the Trison business group.

An interesting day and ideal opportunity for a spot of networking and sharing experiences with ESADE classmates and new alumni in the area.




Carlos Saavedra

Carlos Saavedra is the chairman of the Trison corporate group. He was born in A Coruña in 1952 and has been an entrepreneur since the 1970s. Between 1972 and 1975 he set up a retail textile group consisting of Metamorfosis Boutique, Rodeo Jean, Framan Nueva Gente, clothes factory/workshop and bag factory/workshop.

In 1980 he set up a restaurant group consisting of Discoteca Pirámide, Equilibrio Pub y Cafetería, Cervecerías La Internacional, several restaurants in Tenerife and a catering company.

In 1997 he set up Trisón Acústica and, a few years later, Trisón Screen. In 2009, he created the company BBgreen, Contenidos y Digital Sinage; in 2010, the fragrance company Akewuele; and in 2012 an audio and video company in Japan, Corea, Taiwan, Russia and Mexico.





Galician pie
Mozzarella, tomato and basil brochette
Fried squid
La Rectoral croquettes
Scallops au gratin

Main dish
Basted shank supreme, gravy and roast potatoes

Rectoral cake and ice cream.

Mineral waters, beer, soft drinks
Albariño white wine
Rioja or Mencía red wine
Coffee and tea



Limited numbers. Booking required.

See you there!

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