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Market orientation and competitiveness, by Professor Carlo Gallucci (MBA 83)


The ESADE Alumni West Andalusia Club is pleased to invite you to this Refresher Programme talk, ''Market centricity and competitive edge'' by Carlo Gallucci (MBA 83), professor in ESADE’s department of marketing management and vice-rector of international relations at Universidad Ramon Llull.

A company seeking to be competitive must focus on the market. During this conference, professor Gallucci will explain market centricity, the main requirements for achieving it and its effect on the company.

Carlo Gallucci

Visiting professor at several European and American universities. Has contributed to research projects, articles and conferences  in many countries in Europe and America. His fields of interest are marketing, strategic planning and healthcare management. Vice-rector of international relations and students at Universidad Ramon Llull (URL). Chair of marketing and member of the ESADE-URL International Advisory Board. Member of the board of trustees of Creafutur, in Sant Cugat del Vallès, and also of the scientific committee of the master in marketing, digital communication and sales management of Publitalia ’80 (Mediaset group) in Milan.

See you there!

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