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Matins ESADE with Germán López Madrid, Senior Advisor at Volvo Car Corporation


March 23 OF 2017 from 08:30 AM to 10:00 AM


''The automotive industry is the industry generating the second largest amount of data in the world this year,'' explained Germán López Madrid, Senior Advisor of Volvo Car Corporation and chairman of ANIACAM (Spain’s association of car, truck, bus and motorcycle importers) at the Matins ESADE talk held this morning and sponsored by Bluecap in conjunction with Spanish daily La Vanguardia. He emphasized that ''a regular saloon car today has more data processing capacity than Apollo 11, the spaceship that landed on the moon.''

During his speech, which focused mainly on mobility trends, big data and process digitization, he pointed out that there are currently three types of connected cars: those connected to the internet, those that communicate with one another, and those that communicate with infrastructure. The last type, López Madrid said, would take longer to be implemented in Europe because of the time and money needed to connect roads. In addition, he emphasised that big data would enable estimated savings of €80,000 million by 2020 and 110,000 by 2025.

''The industry used to involve just manufacturers and distributors. The product had a value in itself and nothing more was expected,'' said Germán López Madrid. He went on to say that ''we car manufacturers will carry on manufacturing cars, but the technology comes from the United States (Apple, Google, etc), whereas the technology used to be European (e.g. Mercedes Benz). It must also be said that today, batteries are already part of the Chinese and Korean industry, little remains in Europe.''

Outlook and prospects

As regards the Internet of Things (IoT), the speaker said that ''there will be 50,000 million devices connected by 2020'' and that ''this will improve people’s lives considerably.'' On the subject of the car revolution, the director revealed that by 2030, ''automotive industry revenue will shift towards a 30% increase in revenue from services.'' In this scenario, he also explained that ''one in ten vehicles sold in 2030 will probably be shared. Electric vehicles will be more competitive, especially in commuter belts, although their autonomy is limited to 150 km a day and the main problem is the time it takes to recharge the battery.''

Another matter highlighted during Matins ESADE was that ''up to 15% of the vehicles sold in 2030 could be completely self-driving, but there is a lack of legislation in this field.'' ''The more complex and diversified landscape of the mobility industry will force players to cooperate and compete with competitors at the same time. New players will also enter the market.''

When asked about the electric engine, the senior advisor of Volvo Car Corporation and chairman of ANIACAM replied that this was ''a crucial commitment'' and that ''great efforts are being made to stimulate it.''




Germán López Madrid, Senior Advisor at Volvo Car Corporation, keynote speaker at the latest Matins ESADE talk, entitled ''Trends in mobility, big data and the digitalisation of processes''.

Demand will depend on mobility, safety and efficiency.  Big data and small data will play an essential part in the development of mobility and the digitalisation of processes will call for the ability to understand customers and what they are willing to pay, and to integrate technology into processes able to meet their needs.

Chairs and closing:
Xavier Sanchez (Lic&MBA 97 / AMP 08), Director of ESADE Alumni

Jose Luis Porté (MBA 83), President of the ESADE Alumni Energy & Environment Club

Germán López Madrid, Senior Advisor at Volvo Car Corporation

Xavier Sanchez (Lic&MBA 97 / AMP 08), Director of ESADE Alumni



Germán López Madrid

Degree in Economics and Law (ICADE). Postgraduate courses at Insead Fontainebleau and City of London Polytechnic. A long career working for the Volvo group in its truck, bus, marine and industrial engine and automobile divisions with responsibilities shared between group and country operations. He was appointed chairman of Volvo Car Spain in 1997. Formerly president of the Hispano-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Currently president of ANIACAM (Spain’s association of car, truck, bus and motorbike importers). President of Motor Boats, importer and distributor of Tohatsu outboard engines. Vice-president of CEIM and president of the FAAC foundation for high-ability students. President of the FPDE equestrian sport foundation. CEOE board member. Board member of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Former head of Group Business Development at Volvo Car Corporation, and since 2014 Senior Advisor at the Volvo Car Corporation Group. Trustee of the FESVIAL road safety foundation. Member of the Council of Automotive Experts at Instituto de Empresa. Member of the board of trustees at the Ortega y Gasset university research institute and chairman of the board of protectors in the same foundation. Partner of law firm specialized in economic criminal and commercial law. Vice President of the Titanic Foundation. Trustee of the Philippe Cousteau Foundation.

Gives seminars at Insead Fontainebleau as part of the CEDEP program for senior managers. Regular speaker in senior management programmes at Instituto Empresa.



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