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The ESADE Alumni Canary Islands Club is pleased to invite you to aflash sessionabout mindfulness.

What impact are excessive information, constant interruptions and multitasking having on your productivity and personal life? The new technologies that have burst into all spheres of our life make it increasingly difficult to remain focused and pay attention, whilst causing more stress and exhaustion.

Against this backdrop, our response is to develop our mindfulness. This involves learning to focus our attention on the present moment, enabling us to improve our productivity, reduce our stress and enjoy each moment more. Companies including Google, IBM and CISCO have already incorporated mindfulness into their employee and manager training.

This enjoyable, hands-on session byProf. Fernando Tobíasof the ICAI School of Engineering and member of the mindfulness research team at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, will teach us the basic theory and applications of mindfulness.

See you there!

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Language: Spanish

Event resouces. For members only!