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The mindset of the change leader

Sesión Flash | Spanish

What do change leaders have in common?

Today’s managers are under increasing pressure to transform organisations and teams. Life-long learning, re-inventing oneself and the ability to respond effectively in a volatile, uncertain and ambiguous environment are the factors that set extraordinary leaders apart. It is no longer enough to be an excellent manager. Inspiring visions are needed in order to open up possibilities, be sensitive and respond creatively to emerging challenges.

The ESADE Alumni Career Services invites you to this flash session to examine the mindset of extraordinary leaders who guide their teams and companies to their full potential. It is not enough to develop new skills and habits, the most drastic change required is to change one’s mindset.

Are you ready to lead in a VUCA environment?

Schedule: from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm



Daniel Poch

Daniel Poch, director of AddVenture, has 15 years’ experience in leadership development. He is an executive coach and team coach, and works on interaction dynamics in management committees. He is an expert in leadership development and the strategic transformation of management teams and organisations. He works around the globe and is a leader of the Co-active Leadership Program in the United States, Europe and Japan.



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