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'Morder el hielo', by Lluís Soldevila: Become the best possible version of yourself


January 17 OF 2017 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

The ESADE Alumni Career Services is pleased to invite you to this flash session entitled Morder el hielo by Lluís Soldevila, consultant and coach in high-performance attitudes and professor in ESADE’s Department of Information Systems Management.

In this session we will discuss the techniques we need to lose our fear of change, to know ourselves, to have the positive attitude necessary to take action and, in short, to make change a synonym of opportunity and also success.

As time goes by we tend to be afraid of unexpected changes, as if a storm of unpredictable consequences was about to break. When a new opportunity arises at work, we think about it time and time again, weighing up the pros and cons, asking family and friends – searching constantly for an opinion or reason to justify our decision. We need someone to confirm that we are behaving responsibly.

Every change is a challenge that implies dealing with unexpected circumstances or situations. Morder el hielo calls for a winning attitude, the attitude needed by people that go with the flow and are able to turn change to their advantage, people who set no limits to what they can do and who struggle to excel and achieve their goals.

When a deliberate or unexpected change happens we must take action immediately. We cannot always choose the situations in which we find ourselves but we can decide how to deal with them.

Lluís Soldevila is a professor in ESADE’s Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences, creator of DAFO Personal® and author of the book Éxito se escribe con A and the recently published Morder el hielo. He is a consultant and coach in high-performance attitudes, international speaker and regular contributor in different media. He has featured in ''La Contra'', a section of the Spanish daily La Vanguardia. He currently takes part on the RTVE radio program TIPS with his weekly section called Optimízate (

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