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Neuro-leadership and Zen


The ESADE Alumni People and Organisation Club is pleased to invite you to this “Neuro-leadership and Zen” session which will discuss the latest scientific developments in brain training and reveal how they are based on ancient meditation techniques. Effective leadership in organisations requires an inner vision in order to consolidate concentration, observation and full attention, and develop empathy. Developments in neuro-feedback now make it possible to monitor the evolution of these qualities within ourselves. This session will feature a live demonstration and exercises in the latest neuro-feedback techniques.



Lluís Nansen Salas, Zen master at Dojo Zen Barcelona Kannon and author of Meditación Zen; el arte simplemente de ser and Mindfulness Zen. La consciencia del ahora.
Jaume Esteve, bachelor’s degree in psychology, expert in neuro-relaxation and neuro-leadership, director of MentalArea


Members are welcome to bring a guest

See you there!

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