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NOBILITY OF SPIRIT: When business families search for the right questions - A dialogue between Francisco J. Riberas and Koldo Echebarria

Webinar | English

March 17 OF 2021 from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM

The crisis has confronted us with the validity of some of our assumptions about how we as humans have organized our collective lives or the role of institutions to provide appropriate solutions for exceptional challenges like today’s. We have reached a moment where we need to rethink how we operate to leave a promising future for our coming generations. 

Business families have proven unique capabilities to lead the path on redefining organizations and their role in society. Strategic, global, but at the same time locally rooted and committed family businesses, are able to lead the way, if they are imbued with high levels of nobility of spirit. Nobility of spirit means having a broad perspective in the understanding of the complexities of the world in its different dimensions, having empathy towards others and incorporating it in the decision-making, and being reflective about oneself, our own behaviors and motivations.