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Open innovation in leading companies: challenges and opportunities

Conferencia |

November 07 OF 2019 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

Today’s companies try to strike a balance between their business profits and the innovation of their goods and services with a view to achieving medium- and long-term, sustainable growth. In addition, in order to incorporate new corporate capabilities and foster innovation and digitisation, some companies decide to create open innovation models and structures that can enable them to experiment and attract talent and change initiatives.

Against this backdrop, many companies are undertaking innovation and digital change projects from different approaches, and innovation and digitisation are coming together in ventures such as Digital/Innovation Hubs. 

The Esade Alumni Business Innovation & Technologies Club has invited the heads of some of these ventures to discuss these issues. During a panel discussion they will explain their approaches and aims and some of their success stories in industries such as services and infrastructures, energy and chemicals.


Welcome and presentation:
Luis María Lepe (MDMC 08), member of the Board of Directors of the Esade Alumni Business Innovation & Technologies Club

Javier Lázaro,
director of the Ferrovial digital hub
Silvia Méndez Cubero (EMDB 16), Enel Innovation Hub Europe
Patrick Goett, Managing Director BASF Digital Solutions, BASF Digital Hub

María Barceló, director of the EMDB in Esade Madrid

*This session will be run partly in English 

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