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'Operational innovation: the key to the most competitive companies', by Guillermo Amén


April 05 OF 2017 from 09:15 AM to 11:00 AM

The ESADE Alumni Eastern Andalusia Club invites you to the workshop, ''Operational innovation: the key to the most competitive companies'', by Guillermo Amén, associate professor of the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences of ESADE.

The usual outlooks are often excessively commercial and hide the good points of a product or service from customers – who may or may not discover them later.

This talk will examine what a funfair or car park or a yoghurt or a company like Volvo is actually selling. We will consider whether there is a sort of selling that does not centre solely on commercial factors but on preparing the business by means of efficient innovation + operations and letting the market know. In other words, a sales approach focused on operations alone.

We will also consider whether this is profitable or not because considerable thought must be given to market investments in order to maximise the returns on each euro invested.

What do we really sell? Could the operations manager be held responsible for sales? Food for thought...

The last part will take a look at the KOEIC method of corporate strategic regeneration, applicable cases and results.

The session it is aimed to: Owners, CEOs, shareholders, general business, manager, business owners.



Guillermo Amén

Guillermo Amén is an associate professor in ESADE’s Department of Innovation and Operations Management. He holds a degree in Business Studies (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), post-grad studies in Foreign Trade, Marketing and International Finance (Universidad de Barcelona) and post-grad studies in General Management (IESE).

He started work as a distribution business development manager at Kodak, followed by Senior Operations Strategy Consultant and SCM at Accenture, and Operations Manager at the Damm Group. A few years later he was appointed managing director of Agora Europe and is now the operations and business consultant at Kompetitive Operations Design.



See you there!

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