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Persuasive presentations in English

Workshop | English

November 28 OF 2017 from 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM

ESADE Alumni Careers invites you to this workshop about communication techniques in English for mastering persuasive, authentic speaking as well as improving leadership competencies.

Only ideas that spread win. Communicate with clarity and confidence in English, with a strong sense of purpose. Weak English in presentations loses impact and speakers feel uncomfortable. Too much dependence on visuals or slides results in no conviction, credibility or passion. A powerful presentation can inspire a team to work harder than they would have ever thought possible, can turn a product into a brand with a soul, can persuade an audience to close a contract or convince two parties to reach an agreement. Powerful communication is the basis of our society and therefore linked to the strategic perspective of any organization. Today’s leaders inspire emotionally and communicate a strong sense of meaning to their followers.

This practical session will mentor participants and analyze the language and structure of presentations, regardless of the participant’s level, and also the non-verbal and emotional elements of communication. You will learn how to overcome the fear and anxiety often associated with public speaking in English.

Schedule: from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm




Katharine D'Amico

PhD candidate in Sociolinguistics and Reticence, Motivation and Language Acquisition at Leeds Beckett University, UK. Katharine D’Amico has over 20 years’ experience in semantics research, translation, teaching and interpretation. She has been a consultant and guest lecturer on public speaking and pitching, judge in the ESADE MBA Elevator Sales Pitch Competition in the Global Sales Strategies course and lecturer in the ESADE 2016 summer intensive program for Presentation Skills and Public Speaking. Mentor at WAYRA Telefonica and Telefonica Open Futures for Investor Pitches, working with more than 300 startups in Madrid and Barcelona. Mentor and lecturer in several ESADE programs.



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