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The pillars of cybersecurity


According to the World Economic Forum, massive data fraud and theft and large-scale cyber-attacks are one of the main global risks facing the world. Companies, governments and organizations begin to focus their efforts on cybersecurity as part of the digital transformation of the economy and society. It is essential to adapt companies in order to prevent and respond to these new threats which are increasingly sophisticated and affect people, companies and governments.

The ESADE Alumni Dubai Chapter is pleased to invite you to this round table, where cybersecurity experts in different fields will give us insights into the basics of cybersecurity.


Xavier Tormo, Director Client Success at DarkMatter LLC

Rani Hmayssi, Regional manager at Palo Alto Cybersecurity solutions division

Jean-Paul Tarud,  Chairman at Deca4 (agents of ClearSky in GCC) and former Chilean Ambassador to UAE

Iñaki Ocaña, Director of the international area at ESADE Alumni, and Marc Gelabert, Admissions Associate Director, will fly from Barcelona to Dubai for this special occasion.

If you would like to attend, please register. If you have problems during registration, please send an email to

We hope you can join us!