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Pre-marathon event: Last minute preparations by Alex Panayiotou


To all ESADEans participating in the Athens Marathon, look at what ESADE Alumni Athens Chapter has in store for you! Join us for the ''Last minute tips for a marathon race'' by Alex Panayiotou.

If anyone of you have any friend who/she is a runner and very interested in the event, you can invite this person to the event. Limited places available: Max 17 participants

This event will be a trial version for a much bigger event, the Zurich Marato de Barcelona where Alex Panayiotou is co-organizing it together with the Organisation Committee of the Barcelona Marathon next March. The plans are to have our event every year, in collaboration with the Organisation Committee of the Athens Marathon and some sponsors.

1st Part: Round Table and drinks with Alex Panayiotou
2nd Part: Drinks etc at a nearby place

What runners need pre-race:

In the week before a marathon, runners have completed whatever training they can do, and have for the most part done whatever they can regarding nutrition. What is still left to do though, and what is vital in the last few days and hours, and indeed during the race itself, is race strategy, mental preparation, visualization, and rest.

Alex's expertise in these areas ensures this session to be not only motivating, but also extremely beneficial for all involved, including any alumni who wish to attend but who are not running the marathon.

This pre-marathon session will be aimed at providing the marathon runners with key tips for the last days before the race, as well as discussing and working on race-day strategy. Focus will be placed also on mental preparation and visualization – one of the most powerful tools for any runner. The session will be interactive and highly motivational, helping the runners get mentally prepared for Sunday’s race. For runners who attend the session but are not running that particular race, the talk will be enlightening and highly beneficial for their future races, and general running.