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The Secrets to Cultivating a Super Attitude

Sesión Flash | Spanish

February 11 OF 2020 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

We live in challenging times. Today’s companies and teams have to give their best in order to achieve results. But good results cannot be obtained without an extraordinary attitude. It is impossible to face the future without understanding how we give our very best, how we become the best version of ourselves, and how we create the companies (and lives) we want. 
What factors influence attitude? Can we change our attitude? How does our attitude influence our customers? What techniques could help us act in a more positive and constructive way? 

ESADE Alumni Careers is pleased to invite you to this entertaining practical session. You will learn what lies behind our results, explore the success factors employed by the best entrepreneurs and high performers, and discover tools that can help you change your attitude.


You will acquire: 

- Knowledge applicable to your everyday work and to your team
- Tips on how to face adversity with more tools and self-control
- Tools for cultivating a more positive and proactive attitude 
- Tips on how to increase your capacity to manage your mood 
- Greater self-control to face more complex situations
- Simple techniques and habits to help you become the best version of yourself


Session led by César Piqueras

César Piqueras is a leading figure in the training and motivation of professionals and executives. He is the world’s most prolific author on the topics of management and sales, having published 18 books by 41 years of age. He has more than 13,000 hours of experience in the training and development of highly competitive professionals. Among his most recent titles is the book SuperActitud. 

He is a public speaker and CEO de Excélitas Global. He holds an MBA and Master in Managerial Psychology from London Metropolitan University Business School, a Master in Gestalt Psychotherapy, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. He is also a Master Trainer Neurolinguistic Programming. His clients include companies such as Inditex and Pfizer. More than 1,500 organisations regularly request his services as a mentor, trainer and conference speaker.