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Smart Cities, quo vadis? Is Smart moving faster than the City?


November 26 OF 2018 from 07:30 PM to 10:00 PM

The ESADE Alumni Barcelona International Chapter is pleased to invite you to their upcoming event “Smart Cities, quo vadis? Is Smart moving faster than the City?” with Ugo Valenti, Director of the Smart City Expo World Congress.

Ugo Valenti will talk about his experience leading the Smart City Expo World Congress from inception to becoming one of the worldwide leading events and brands for smart cities, followed by a conversation with ESADE Professor and Academic Director, Master Business Analytics, Esteve Almirall about the future of smart cities using Barcelona as the starting framework:

In which direction are smart cities going?

Developing and current smart cities face a myriad of challenges, inherent to their local characteristics that hinder the speed at which these cities can keep up with innovation and technology. Ugo Valenti and Esteve Almirall will share their point of view regarding some of the most pressing current dilemmas:

Does urban infrastructure match the pace of mobility alternatives for citizens?

Are governments fast enough to adapt their regulation for innovative solutions for cities?

Have urban sensors met expectations in order to survive?

Are data-driven cities led by the public or the private sector?

Where exactly does technology intersect with urban needs and the citizens' common life?

How is the Smart City Expo World Congress appealing to different cities with different needs in different continents?

The session will be followed by a networking cocktail!