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'Spain and the EU in a year of uncertainties', by Professor David Vegara


February 28 OF 2017 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

The ESADE Alumni Community of Valencia Club is pleased to invite you to this Refresher Programme talk entitled ''Spain and the EU in a year of uncertainty'' by Professor David Vegara of ESADE’s Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting.

Several factors will affect the economic outlook of Spain and the EU in 2017. In the EU the tailwinds of recent years will die down and lead, paradoxically, to calmer times that may hamper the will for greater integration at a time when countless question marks hang over the common project. Populisms are on the march, and Brexit and the new US administration are ushering in elements of uncertainty that may put the governance of multilateral institutions to the test. On the domestic scene, Spain should continue along the road to recovery, but probably at a slower pace due to the need to rein in its public accounts. A great deal of work still remains to be done in this sphere – in sharp contrast with the apparent lack of focus in the public debate. Against this backdrop, public leadership faces the not inconsiderable challenge of making growth and job creation tally with this fiscal adjustment.

The talk will examine all these factors against the backdrop of the year that has just begun – a year in which politics will probably play a more decisive role than was expected a few months ago.



David Vegara

Degree in Economics and Business (UAB) and Master of Science (London School of Economics). His early career was in teaching as an assistant professor at ESADE and an associate professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universidad Complutense in Madrid. He has worked in private finance companies as an economist in the analysis department of the Banco Sabadell and as the chairman of the InterMoney agency. In the sphere of public management, he was appointed secretary general of the Department of Health and Social Security of the Generalitat of Catalonia in December 2003, and nine months later he accepted the post of Secretary of State for Economy in Spain’s Ministry of Economy and Finance led by Pedro Solbes. Following the government reshuffle, he moved to Washington to work for the International Monetary Fund. In September 2012, he was appointed deputy managing director of banking in the ESM, and has acted as a special adviser to the head of this fund, the German commissioner, Klaus Regling.



See you there!

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