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Speak as a Leader: The skill that makes the difference between the professionals of this S.XXI is communication. Time of Techniques to inspire, persuade and convince. How to sell your idea, your product or your service. Learn all the Secrets for a Presentation, for a perfect speech. How many large projects have been left on the road by poor communication? CV JULIAN REYES He is a journalist, broadcaster, TVE presenter for 22 years. As a communication coach and consulting for speeches and presentations, I have Advise all kinds of professionals, companies, and organizations in Spain and Latin America. He is an expert in persuasive communication, motivation and leadership and as Keynote Speaker and lecturer he stars in a very popular ConferExperience around the world. He is an academic collaborator in some of the best business schools according to the Financial Times Rankin, such as ESADE Gold INCAE, in High Impact Communication programs.

Language: Spanish