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ESADE Alumni Entrepreneurship is holding a talk about startup funding from the viewpoint of a business angel. The speaker, Dieter Staib, private investor and ESADE BAN member from the beginning of the activity, will share his experience and the portfolio of the companies he has invested in to date. The talk is scheduled for Tuesday October 16th 2018 at 19:00 at ESADE Madrid (Calle Mateo Inurria, 25-27).

The talk will have an interview format with questions such as: What isthe best way to approach a business angel? How can a startup catch the attention of a business angel? How can a startup be valuated? What selection criteria do business angels apply? What do they not like? Are there standard metrics for investors? Which documents are most important? Do they prefer ambitious or realistic business plans? What role do business angels play after making an investment? What sort of follow-up do they prefer? What information does a business angel request?

What questions would you like to ask? See you there! Dieter Staib

More than 20 years experience in Management Consulting helping clients develop strategies to increase sales effectiveness and productivity and redesign/ transform network (sales & service) operations to enhance efficiency, typically adding >20% productivity gains to clients. Key areas of performance: strategy, increase sales effectiveness/ productivity, redesign branch operating model, alternative payments, alternative channels, collections operations, multichannel sales&service models, customer experience design, business modeling, new business development, innovation, sales and service network transformation

Entrepreneur, business angel & advisor to startups in the social media, B2B, business intelligence, edutainment, eGames and ePublishing spaces.

Language: Spanish

  • #Emprendimiento

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