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Summer Drinks with Beth Susanne


Alexander worked with two VC firms where he routinely witnessed a phenomena that mystified him. The VCs would receive business plan from an entrepreneur, read it and they would get excited to see the market potential and so on. They would then invite the company founder for a formal pitch meeting and by the end of it, they had already lost interest in the company.

Why did the proposal that looked so interesting on paper, become a non-starter when the person started pitching?

Is pitching the only important thing?

Was there any element of trust that was missing in the pitch? Or the entrepreneur had too much ego to listen to the feedback?

From the ESADE Alumni Barcelona International Chapter we decided to answer these questions in a casual environment with an expert Beth Susanne international pitch and business strategy coach for technology start-ups.

Beth teaches startups how to get funding & develop dynamic pitches to win investors, clients and partners, when the stakes are high. You’ll gain clarity on what a 1-5 minute Silicon Valley quality pitch is made of, tools for effective delivery, and confidence on pitching your technology and team.

Following this engaging and first-hand experience talk, you will be able to delight your palate with the appetizers and drinks we have in store for you whilst enjoying the most magnificent, panoramic view of the harbor from cruise terminals, to the Barceloneta Quarter and even the Olympic harbor at Duquesa de Cardona Hotel.

In order for us to plan properly, sign up as soon as possible, the seats are limited!

See you there in your casual wear!



Members: 5€
Students (Invited members): 5€
Investors: 5€
Non-members: 30€
Other (Global Network): 30€



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