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The Swiss model. When politicians are subject to competition


The ESADE Alumni Basque Country Club is pleased to invite you to their last talk before the summer break, ‘The Swiss model. When politicians are subject to competition’, by Miguel Ángel Sanz (Master MEDC 00), partner at MADAVI.

This talk will examine the factors that make Switzerland’s economic and political model so successful and unique in Europe. The complex answer is closely linked to Switzerland’s decentralisation into cantons and city councils that compete with each other at different management levels. This talk will examine this subject from a variety of viewpoints:



•    The different aspects of direct democracy.
•    The freedom of cantons and city councils to determine tax levels.
•    Healthcare: 100% private healthcare regulated by the state.
•    Swiss cantons ranked by greater or lesser freedom.
•    Ability to attract talent, companies and immigration.
•    The reasons why wages and the cost of living are so high.
•    Low taxation.


See you there!



Miguel Ángel Sanz

Miguel Ángel Sanz (Master MEDC 00) holds a PhD in industrial engineering, MBA (INSEAD), master in strategic marketing and sales management (ESADE), and also a diploma in theatre and the scenic arts. Miguel has lived in Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Singapore. He has spent most of his professional career as an executive in companies in the investment and energy sectors, in charge of sales and engineering teams in many countries. He has been a professor of executive education at the Instituto de Alta Dirección de Cataluña and the Deusto Business School. Currently a partner at MADAVI.