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ESADE Alumni would like to invite you to this refresher programme session entitled ''Taps, Clicks & Bricks… Building Omnichannel Experiences for 21st-century Consumers'' by Jaime Castelló (EMBA 03 / Retail Marketing 05), Director of the Executive Master in Marketing and Sales at ESADE Madrid
The digital revolution has radically changed the way in which consumers shop. However, they haven’t changed from one channel to another; rather, they’ve changed the role that the different channels play in their shopping experience. In this talk we will explore this new reality and propose some best practices to improve the consumers’ omnichannel experience.

To help prepare for the ensuing debate, we would like to recommend you read the article available via the following link. The latter explores the changes currently taking place in the U.S. retail industry. In addition, please reflect on the following questions: How are the changes described in the article affecting your business and/or day-to-day life? And, what do you think about the recommendations for retailers/shops? Jaime Castelló

Jaime Castelló holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Business Administration from Universidad de Valencia and an MBA from ESADE. Currently, he is a Lecturer in the ESADE Department of Marketing Management, coordinating the Sales Management area. In addition, he is the Co-Director of the Executive MBA programmes at ESADE Madrid. Jaime has also served as the Director of the ESADE Executive Master in Marketing Management for four years and he actively participates in the academic coordination of the events ESADE holds in Madrid. Before joining ESADE in October 2005, Jaime worked in the sales area for large mass-commodity companies both in Spain and in Europe, specifically holding positions of responsibility in Marketing, Trade Marketing and Sales for large Spanish firms in the food industry. He has vast experience in marketing for food products in leading companies and international brands. He has also complemented this with his work with sales teams in both Spanish and multinational firms in both the B2B market and key account management for large distribution companies.

We look forward to seeing you!

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