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From tax advisor to tax intermediaries. What does DAC6 really mean?. By Carlos Durán, academic collaborator at ESADE Law School

Programa de continuidad | Spanish

ESADE Alumni is pleased to invite you to this talk in their Refresher Programme entitled ''From tax advisor to tax intermediary. What does DAC6 really mean?'', by Carlos Durán, academic collaborator at ESADE Law School.

The aim of this talk is to examine the practical impact that Council Directive 2018/822 dd 25 May 2018, commonly known as the Taxation Intermediaries Directive or DAC6, is already having on the tax advice provided by lawyers, economists, in-house tax advisors, investment bodies and banks, among others. DAC6 makes it mandatory to give the tax authorities information about certain operations that will subsequently be shared with the tax authorities of other member states. These new regulations may affect the professional confidentiality of certain tax advisors.

The session will end with a discussion in which in-house and external consultants can share their experience of this matter.

Members are welcome to bring a guest.

Limited numbers

See you there!

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