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Thessaloniki annual get-together vol 2

The Chapter ESADE Alumni Greece is pleased to invite you to the ''Thessaloniki annual get-together vol 2'' a weekend full with different activities and a presentation by Ioanna Mikrou (MIE 15), Business Development at Breath Inn.

Following, the official program: 

Friday, 17/11, 18:00:  company visit at Athlenda, a startup described as "LinkedIn for athletes" based in Thessaloniki, where the founder Lazaros Papadopoulos (yes, the famous basketball player!) will host us and talk to us about their venture, startups, sports and entrepreneurship in Thessaloniki.

You will need a car to reach their premises, please contact Thanos Psichalas or Ioanna if you need a lift!
Address: Athanasiou Giannousi 1, 54250 Thessaloniki Pylea.

Saturday, 18/11, 12:00: company visit at Dalkafouki Oikos (10th Km Thessaloniki-Veroia, 57008 Thessaloniki). Ioanna Mikrou (MIE 2015) will present their business and two of their innovative projects: Breath Inn (restoration of Hotels that breath - restoration with non-cement and eco-friendly products), Mind the Map (the first tactile map for visually impaired visitors of archeological sites).

Saturday, 18/11, 15:00: Lunch at the Restaurant Sempriko (Fragkon 2, Thessaloniki)

Sunday, 19/11, 13:00: Brunch (TBC).

For people living in Athens, the first car is leaving on Friday 17/11 at around 05:00 in the morning to Thessaloniki, and the second one at around 12:00. If someone would like to join, please inform ASAP, limited places available.

In order to make a more efficient organization possible, please, inform us ASAP about your presence at the aforementioned events.

Responsible for the event:
Thanos Psihalas (MIE 13):  (6944830688)
Giannis Stofas (Máster IT+IP 15): (6977356395)

Can't wait to see you all there!