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What matters most when you are job hunting?
Why are self knowledge and career goals important for your CV?
Why does the layout of your CV matter?
How can you deal with ATS (applicant tracking systems)? This webinar organised by Esade Alumni Careers will answer these questions and many more. We will also examine the key factors enabling your CV to convey the value proposition of your career and see how your CV can give you a competitive edge over other candidates. Cristina Freeman Gómez
CV and LinkedIn Profile Writer | Career Advisor Cristina has more than ten years’ experience helping her clients convey their personal brand and professional value through jobhunting tools such as CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters. What she likes most about her work is discovering the essence of each customer in order to help them boost their storytelling and achieve their career goals.

Language: Spanish

  • #Dirección de Personas y Desarrollo Profesional

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