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Webinar: 'Strategic overhaul of social ventures' by Sophie Robin

Webinar | Spanish

February 02 OF 2017 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM

You can now watch the full session here!

Many social ventures, particularly small and medium-sized ones, are constantly under strain due to a lack of adequate resources (financial, human, etc.) to carry out their mission. As a result, strategic planning often takes a back seat. However, to ensure their sustainability these entities must take a step back from their day-to-day emergencies, think strategically about their activities and objectives, and take decisions that ensure maximum impact in their field. But what difference is there between planning and overhauling strategies in social ventures and in the business world?

A focus on their social mission or, to be precise, a better understanding of their theory of change,  the pursuit of financial sustainability, and the satisfaction of different stakeholders are some of the factors to be included in the strategic thinking of social ventures. This is usually a long-term, participatory outlook. Social ventures are democratic organizations and patient work may be the key to sustainable strategic thinking. This webinar offers an introduction to the cornerstones of strategic planning in social ventures, using examples to illustrate the processes, results, challenges and lessons involved in working with organisations in the tertiary sector.

The webinar will address a variety of subjects including:

1) Distinguishing factors in the strategies of social ventures
2) Common and recurring problems in social ventures
3) Types of social leadership and their impact on strategic planning
4) Strategic overhaul as a participative process

This webinar will be given by Sophie Robin

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Sophie Robin

Degree in International Relations (Paris), Master in International Studies (Chile) and Master in Business Administration (London). Worked as NGO Liaison Officer for the LatAm and Caribbean offices of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (United Nations). Head of fundraising and HR divisions of several NGOs including Medicos del Mundo in Portugal. Formerly executive director of Portugal’s DNGO Platform. Founder partner of Stone Soup Consulting (2008), a social venture whose mission is to help organizations active in the social sector maximize the net positive impact of their activities.



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