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Webinar: The transition from employee to independent worker

Webinar | English

October 28 OF 2019 from 01:00 PM

A Lifetime career in the corporate world is not the goal anymore for most people who love what they do. The freedom of being your own boss and working from wherever you want is attracting more professionals every day, breaking the patterns of employee-employer relationships as a single alternative to work and income. The distinction between “Job" and “Work” is getting clearer now, and career transitions from employees to solopreneurs are happening more every day. 

In this session, Mariana Pimienta, a business coach specialised in how to build this work freedom, and Sandra Arévalo (EMBA BCN-Q 16), from Wisar, will share their expertise on how to manage such transition successfully. 

This ESADE Alumni Careers' webinar is directed to those curious about exploring the solopreneur career path. Mariana will share her view on what makes a solopreneur different from an employee and help you identify what makes you closer to one or the other. She will provide hints to identify the right moment to make the transition from employee to independent consultant, and will share tools to prepare yourself for such transition.


Registration for this event will open in October. For further details, contact