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'What data are worth. From business intelligence to big data' by profesor Josep Lluís Cano (Lic&MBA 89)


The ESADE Alumni Peru Chapter invites you to ''What data are worth. From business intelligence to big data'' by Dr Josep Lluís Cano (Lic&MBA 89), professor in the ESADE Department of Information Systems Management.

This talk will consider the demand for data from the executives of many companies to enhance their decision making, and will define the specific data. It is important to be able to analyse and select the key data to be used by executives to take the right decisions.



Josep Lluís Cano

Professor in ESADE’s Department of Information Systems Management. Josep has always been involved in information systems project consultancy, and has combined his career with teaching. Founder and director partner of Analític Assessorament Empresarial. Specialised in information systems projects, specifically executive information systems in SMEs. Deputy director of the Forum Barcelona 2004 project in the Terra Networks team. Has written several case studies in the information systems field: Aventis, RACC, Aguirre and Newman, Harrah’s, Government Intelligence in Catalan public universities, SAP (A) from Value to Volume, SAP (B) The DG Barcelona Hub, Raventos. Has given classes at Fomento del Trabajo Nacional, Coordinadora de Tallers de Disminuïts Psíquics de Catalunya, Centre d'Estudis Empresarials de la Caixa de Terrassa, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED-Cervera). Has been a professor at ESADE since 1989 and received his PhD in Business Administration from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.



See you there!

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