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ESADE Alumni Entrepreneurship is holding a talk about the factors to bear in mind when designing a pricing strategy. The speaker will be Roland Umlauft, CFO at Startup Strategy Consultant. To design a good pricing strategy, many business factors must be taken into account, e.g. costs, competition and type of customer, to name but a few. Could you go freemium? Are three different parcels always necessary? What should I do if I sell to huge customers and to very small customers too? This talk will explain the factors that affect decision taking, using hands-on case studies to demonstrate different ways of creating an ideal pricing strategy for different types of start-ups. Roland Umlauf is a strategic and financial consultant for IT start-ups. He has a degree in computer engineering and a PhD in financial economics (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). He has studied, worked and lived in Austria, Holland, USA and Spain. He has worked as a CFO and consultant in start-ups including HEMAV, TAPPX, Hooptap and QIDS, and is a regular mentor at Wayra.

Language: Spanish

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