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Why Do You Go to Work Every Day? Personal Tips on Transformative Leadership

Sesión Flash | Spanish

March 09 OF 2020 from 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM

Values are our natural motivators – they reflect what is truly important to us. They lie at the heart of our sense of belonging and identity. Together with beliefs, values are the ultimate drivers of our decisions. We take them with us everywhere we go, including to work. If we embody our values in our team and at our company, they will help us be highly creative in our work and reinforce our commitment to the team and the organisation as a whole. Sometimes, however, we may find ourselves unable to align our values with our employer. In these cases, as surely as water must flow, we will find a way to stay true to our values, even if it means taking our potential elsewhere. Thus, the personal values of leaders are essential to the alignment of teams and the transformation of organisations.

At this flash session, you will be invited to explore the personal values that you take with you to work every day. You will gain an understanding of how your values influence your decisions and how they impact your personal leadership. You will learn about Richard Barrett’s values-based leadership model, which, as he explains in his book The Values-Driven Organization, is a decision-making approach that builds trust and increases engagement among employees and customers. 

The session will be led by Mercedes Sancho (MP-DDP ‘07), co-founder of Leading People™ and facilitator of change and cultural-transformation processes. As a professional executive coach certified by the International Coach Federation, Mercedes specialises in career coaching, team coaching, and organisation and relationship systems coaching. She is a member of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching network for leadership development.