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Workshop: Coaching tools for leaders

Workshop | Spanish

How can you make your team more effective? How can you increase commitment? How and when should you give feedback? In short, how can you become a better leader?

This ESADE Alumni Careers workshop will work on corporate coaching and emotional intelligence methods using a holistic approach designed to activate all the capabilities and resources that human beings have: mental intelligence, emotional intelligence and body intelligence.

- Learn about the basics of coaching, what it is for and how leaders can use it to make a greater impact
- Learn about and practice different coaching methods and techniques that can be applied to team management and everyday activities
- Discover new ways of improving self-leadership and team empowerment
- Create more energy and seek new approaches to deal with the every-day challenges of people management

Gemma Garcia Godall (Lic&Master 94)
Gemma’s career in auditing began at Big Four. She was the finance director of a multinational and then a managing director in the financial services sector. She professionalized the family firm and carried out an MBO in conjunction with a venture capital firm that she co-directed the firm with for 5 years. Her own experience with teams, together with her desire to learn and improve, drove her to change her career completely and explore the impact of emotional intelligence on leadership, organizations and results. She trained at the Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute in Los Angeles (EIDI) and The Zone method ( Gemma is an expert in talent management and is a certified ICF coach. She is a founding partner and director of the Institute of Emotional Intelligence

Gemma is the mother of 2 teenagers, she is passionate about the sea and believes in a world of healthy, well-balanced companies that create value for their shareholders, society and the people in them.