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Workshop: Exception Management

Workshop |

November 05 OF 2019 from 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM

Good people managers must meet two requirements at least: 

- The ability to treat everyone differently according to their needs.
- The ability to ensure that such treatment is what is best for the entire team.

They must, therefore, learn to make exceptions that are beneficial for the group. 

A favour is a way of treating people that only benefits the recipient. An exception is a way of treating people that benefits the entire team. No favours should be granted. Only the necessary exceptions should be made.

Three basic criteria should be applied when making exceptions. The answer to the following questions should be yes:

1) Does it benefit the entire team?
2) Is it permitted by our regulations and does it match our values?
3) Does the recipient deserve it? Has s/he made a big enough effort to deserve this exception?

This workshop organised by ESADE Alumni Careers will show how making the rules clear at the outset can save a lot of futile conflicts.


Pep Marí

This workshop will be run by Pep Marí, bachelor’s degree in psychology and master in sports psychology (UAB), co-director of the ACBNext Valors Programme at the AECB (Spanish Association of Basketball Clubs) and former head of the department of sports psychology at CAR in Sant Cugat. Pep is also a proponent of how psychology contributes to people’s performance and is the author of the books Aprender de los campeones and La felicidad no es el objetivo.