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Workshop: 'Key Metrics for Digital Startups'


ESADE Alumni Entrepreneurship invites you to a workshop that will help you identify key metrics for digital startups at 7.00 pm on 11th May at ESADE Barcelona.

This workshop is designed for anyone with a digital startup who wants to work with metrics and gain an objective understanding of how a startup should operate. This practical session will teach you to identify key metrics for project development, learn the mechanics of using these metrics, and calculate, analyse and understand them.




1.    Introduction and presentation

2.    Fundamentals of metrics for startups:
       - Characteristics of good metrics
       - Working with absolute values vs. ratios
       - Calculating customer costs: CAC, CPC, etc.
       - Calculating the economic value of customers: CLT, CLTV, etc.
       - Fixed and variable costs

3.    Key metrics and drivers of success by business model:
       - E-commerce
       - SaaS
       - Marketplace

4.    Applying metrics in the specific case of your startup



For further information:
93 553 02 17