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Workshop: A Message for Success

Workshop | Spanish

March 10 OF 2020 from 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM

Do you know how many brand inputs a person receives on any given day? Why would anyone who hears several similar stories every day pay attention and remember exactly what you tell them?

Nowadays, the message we craft in order to sell ourselves has to be impactful, powerfully differentiated and surgically targeted. The only way to enter your audience’s mind is by using every tool for success.

Esade Alumni Careers is pleased to invite you to a workshop where you can develop your message step by step with input from your peers. Your message will be clearly focused on your objective and help you have a powerful impact on the listener’s mind.


Ivo Güell Torné (DEM ‘01):

Ivo Güell Torné is an in-company trainer and mentor specialising in management and competency areas, a motivational speaker, an academic assistant and a mentor in the Esade Mentoring Programme.

He promotes personal branding, talent in career planning and entrepreneurship, and the implementation of disruptive processes in business settings.

He is a Managing Partner at Idei Training Consultants, which is dedicated to the creation of innovative solutions for professional development both inside and outside of companies and the introduction of new professional strategies.