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The ESADE Alumni Lleida Club is pleased to invite you to their X Annual Conference: Where is
the limit?, by Josef Ajram, broker, a top-level athlete and recognized entrepreneur.
In this conference, Josef Ajram will apply the most important sports values to the business, with
themes like motivation and improvement in any aspect of life. The importance of setting goals
like a way of motivation; the management of success in top moments, and how to overcome
failure. He also talks about entrepreneurship and, the importance of communicating everything
we do through the social networks.
Josef Ajram
Josef Ajram is one of our country’s most successful brokers, in addition to being a top Spanish
athlete who has successfully completed backbreaking competitions such as UltraMan in Hawaii and
in Canada where, after swimming 10 exhausting kilometres in open waters, participants have to
cycle across 421 kilometres and then run the equivalent of two marathons.
Born to a Syrian father and a Spanish mother, Josef has successfully combined his two great
passions in life, the stock exchange and sports, all with perseverance, drive and precise
calculations of his possibilities and capabilities.
He decided to become a long-distance runner and take part in some of the world’s most difficult
races to try to find the human body’s limits. Throughout his professional and athletic career, he
has achieved numerous successes as a result of his unique philosophy: "The aim isn’t to win but to feel good about my performance".
And he has achieved numerous successes in sports. Some of the most important include: a finalist
in the Ultraman races in Canada and Hawaii, a finalist in the Ironman competitions in Austria,
Switzerland, Australia and Germany (the most demanding, 180-km races in the world) and, in
2009, a finalist in the Transalpine Gore Tex Run, the most difficult cross-mountain race in Europe.
In addition, he won the Epic 5 competition in Hawaii in May 2011, an extremely hard challenge
consisting of completing 5 Ironmen trials in 5 consecutive days on 5 Hawaiian islands.
He recently published a book entitled,Ganar en la bolsa es posible ("Winning in the stock market
is possible"), in which he introduces readers to the investment world in a simple and enjoyable
manner. Josef has also written an autobiography,¿Dónde está el límite? ("Where’s the limit?"), describing his life and passions and revealing the secrets to achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves: discipline and perseverance.
See you there!
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