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Privacy Policy


Social network privacy policy

Pursuant to the LOPD Law 15/1999 dd December 13th governing personal data protection, and the LSSI-CE Law 34/2002 dd July 11th governing services in the information society and electronic commerce, ESADE Alumni hereby informs users that it has created a profile on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for the main purpose of advertising its products and services.
Details of ESADE Alumni:

Avenida Pedralbes Nos. 60-62, 08034 Barcelona

Users have a profile on the same social network and have decided to join the page created by ESADE Alumni, therefore they are interested in the information posted on the internet. By joining our page, users agree to the processing of the personal data posted in their profile. 

Users may access the privacy policy of the social network itself at any time and configure their profile to ensure their privacy.

ESADE Alumni has access to and processes users' public information, particularly their contact name. These data are only used within the social network itself. They are not entered into any file.

As regards users' rights of access, correction, cancellation and objection, which may be exercised  by contacting ESADE Alumni pursuant to the LOPD law, the following details must be taken into account: 

- Access is defined by the functionality of the social network and the ability to access the information found in user profiles.
- Corrections can only be made to information controlled by ESADE Alumni, e.g. deleting comments posted on the website itself. Usually, to exercise this right the user must contact the social network.

- Cancellation and / or objection: As in the previous case, this can only be done to information controlled by ESADE Alumni, such as, for example, ceasing links to profiles.

ESADE Alumni will:

- Access public information in the profile.
- Post on the user’s profile all the information already posted on the ESADE Alumni website.
- Send individual and personal messages via the social network.
- Update the website status and post it on the user's profile.
Users can always control their connections, delete content they are no longer interested in and restrict who they share their connections with. To do so, they must access their privacy settings.


Once users have joined the ESADE Alumni website, they may post items on it including comments, links, images or photographs or any other type of multimedia content supported by the social network. In all instances, the user must be the owner thereof, have copyright and intellectual property rights thereto, or be authorised by the third parties involved. It is strictly forbidden to post any content on the website, including texts, graphics, photographs, videos, etc, that undermines or is likely to undermine morality, ethics, good taste or decency, and/or which breaches, infringes or contravenes intellectual property rights or copyright or image rights or the law. In these cases, ESADE Alumni reserves the right to remove such content immediately and may request that the user be blocked permanently.
ESADE Alumni is not responsible for the content freely posted by a user.
Users must remember that the content they post will be seen by other users, so they are primarily responsible for their own privacy.
The images which may be posted on the website will not be stored in any file by ESADE Alumni, but will remain on the social network.

Competitions and special offers

ESADE Alumni reserves the right to hold competitions and special offers for the users who have joined their website. The terms and conditions of the competitions or special offers using the social network will be posted on the social network, always pursuant to Spain's LSSI-CE law and any other applicable regulation.
The social network does not in any way sponsor, endorse or manage any of our promotions, nor is it associated with any of them.



ESADE Alumni will use the social network to advertise their products and services. In any case, should ESADE Alumni decide to process the contact details of users for direct sales prospecting, such activities will always comply with the legal requirements of the LOPD and LSSI-CE laws.
Making recommendations about the ESADE Alumni website to other users so that they too can benefit from special offers or keep abreast of the association's activities shall not be classed as advertising.

Link to the privacy policy of the social network: